24/7 Prayer

God is up to something.
Be a part of what He’s up to.

Starting January 11th, Prairie Alliance Church, Redwood Park Church, and Timbers Church prayed together for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for praying with us!

Pray Together

The stories in the Bible establish two truths:

  1. God is always up to something. 
  1. People have the choice to either be a part of what God is doing, or not. 

In 2020, God has been up to something new at Redwood Park Church, Prairie Alliance Church, and Timbers Church. He has been opening doors, stirring hearts, and laying the foundation for a movement of God in NW Ontario and Manitoba as He connects these three churches with similar dreams and DNA. Some of you have been on the front lines of these developments and others have only heard the names of the other churches in passing. Let’s change that! This prayer guide is an invitation for all to join in on the dreaming and discerning.

Watch this video for an introduction to everything God has bene up to at Redwood Park, Prairie Alliance, and Timbers Church:

Download the prayer guide, then scroll below to sign up to pray.


In the prayer guide you were invited to share anything the Lord showed you as you prayed. Please share below.

Valerie McInnes

As I prayed for Dauphin - I saw red brick and green doors, The Old Fire Hall. I also saw open community services.

The communities of Ashern, Stonewall and Sioux Lookout stood out to me.

Throughout my prayer time, I also heard 'online presence - development of online courses through a learning management system'. It came to me several times through the hour. Teaching that could reach all of the partner churches as well as the communities around them.

Redwood was also on my heart very strongly through my prayer time.

I saw a picture of a redwood tree. The roots of a redwood tree only go 6 to 12 feet into the group but they intertwine with each other which makes them more stable.

I saw pictures of a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter. I saw pictures of a hot lunch program and games nights at the high school.

The building of relationships will be key to reconciliation in the community.

I saw Indigenous religious leaders speaking in PAC sermons. Telling the creation story and talking about it's connection to Christianity.

I felt strong guidance towards ensuring that there was an Indigenous perspective present in the teachings at WestPark.

First Nations in Treaty Two may be an organization to explore for partnership with the aviation program.

Received: January 11, 2021

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