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God is up to something.
Be a part of what He’s up to.

Starting January 11th, Prairie Alliance Church, Redwood Park Church, and Timbers Church prayed together for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for praying with us!

Pray Together

The stories in the Bible establish two truths:

  1. God is always up to something. 
  1. People have the choice to either be a part of what God is doing, or not. 

In 2020, God has been up to something new at Redwood Park Church, Prairie Alliance Church, and Timbers Church. He has been opening doors, stirring hearts, and laying the foundation for a movement of God in NW Ontario and Manitoba as He connects these three churches with similar dreams and DNA. Some of you have been on the front lines of these developments and others have only heard the names of the other churches in passing. Let’s change that! This prayer guide is an invitation for all to join in on the dreaming and discerning.

Watch this video for an introduction to everything God has bene up to at Redwood Park, Prairie Alliance, and Timbers Church:

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In the prayer guide you were invited to share anything the Lord showed you as you prayed. Please share below.

Linda Block

Reconciliation with First Nations groups:

— native leaders to educate us to better understand their culture, ways of worshipping etc.

—determine where our focus is—partner with Grace Place if it is the homeless; or partner with New Hope if it is welcoming them into our church; or partner with leaders (like Harvey Yesno) if it is northern reserves.

New Church plants:

—are there people we know in communities like Fort Frances who don’t attend church, or used to? Why? Are there churches already meeting needs, that we could partner with?

—as a congregation do we need strengthening/learning on what it means to fulfill the great commission—can’t send weak, unprepared workers out to start new works.

Thank you pastors for this week of united prayer!

Received: January 18, 2021


It seems that God would have us consider new works in some communities around us. We also were reminded that in the past we considered a new work in Thunder Bay. It was brought to our mind addressing foreign missions also

We have benefited from creative arts in the past -drama,dance, musical -solos-instrumentals and see this as an important part of our worship

We are not sure what it entails to combine formal academic training with pragmatic church experience, however we still would consider this idea.

The aviation program is a very positive idea especially for our indigenous community

Received: January 18, 2021


Thunder Bay - candle glowing from the inner city and spreading from there.

Dauphin - “how precious are the feet of him who brings good news”. Also, renewed friendships/partnerships...people coming together for a common goal that would have been unheard of before this year.

Dryden - addictions bowing

Neepawa - this crew can laugh at the days to come! Continuous increase in numbers and depth in relationships.

PAC Portage - chains falling and increased trust between indigenous and non indigenous people = a new chapter in 2021

Received: January 18, 2021

Eileen Dias

COVID-19 is not a barrier, but an opportunity to build relationships by reaching out with care and concern to acquaintances whom we might normally be satisfied with happening upon in unrestricted living.

Now is the time to reach out in humble love.

Received: January 18, 2021

Shonath Kajorinne

Thankful for this opportunity to partner in prayer! Exciting to see where the Spirit will lead PAC, Redwood and Timber’s!

Having been called to “go” several years ago, I have been “paying attention” since then....I am now trusting and “acting on” the calling!

What a journey I have been on! (would love to share)

As a Registered Nurse working in youth injury prevention, I have been called to work towards truth and reconciliation with the Indigenous people in our city and beyond! This has been Life changing for me!

During my prayer time this past week, I was filled with hope knowing that God is on the move and I am excited to see what this could mean to our church, our city and beyond!

Praise God! He is on the move!

Received: January 18, 2021

Ralph Day

How God continues to direct me and strengthen me,has become deeply rooted in me. There are the rules governing behaviour these seem pretty well understood. Then there is the Holy Spirit, understanding the spiritual discipline necessary to love others in the Holy Spirit. It matters how we treat each other and love ourselves. Many have forgotten this and I feel many are lost with no boundaries. Others matter. God’s leading in this direction has changed my life and helped others flourish.

Received: January 18, 2021


That a word is coming to RedWood. That this word will wake up the whole church and city spiritually and that they will run head long into God’s will.

Received: January 18, 2021


God has put "People in place for decades"

visions of "Planes buzzing like bees around a hive (hangars)"

Received: January 17, 2021

Travis S

Some things that I received in my time of prayer was just a couple affirmations. All of these prayers and dreams are very exciting to our Heavenly Father. God is so pleased that we are being obedient and being open in this direction.

Scripture for our churches about a new season of growth and effectiveness. Deuteronomy 28:12 "The Lord will open for you His good storehouse, the heavens, to give rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands; and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow."

The whole of chapter 28 is called blessings for obedience with absolute language telling us that we will be blessed when we step into obedience. He is saying "turn your hearts toward me and take the first step I am asking and I dare you to watch Me go!"

I also sensed that there is a humbling of spirit in environments of all five locations taking place. I humble release of pride that takes many forms that is allowing us to be more open to what God wants to do. I think this seems small and underlying but is actually huge as it allows for the opportunity for reconciliation. As far as prophetic attachment to this I feel that there is a massive wave of FREEDOM coming. Chains being broken and lives turning and returning to Christ. Dryden is especially lighting up on the map for me as I pray in this. As in more than this just happening in Dryden but almost Dryden becoming a model or resource centre for healing and freedom ministries.

As I prayed about Redwood I was launched into a huge impression of purpose. Like the last few years have been about healing and resource building, solidifying relationship and community and is about to be commissioned into a greater purpose. Almost like your a slingshot and God has been stretching you back and is about to let go. Your future is going to be crazy!

I grew up in PAC and had the privilege of being able to serve there for years but also be a part of there commissioning as far as multi site and I had a cool picture that has not much explanation other than speculation. I saw PAC being transformed from a fishing rod into a fishing net which I guess does support the multi site reality that is no longer a dream! Praise God! I also thought it was cool to learn how the old fishing nets were made. They always were woven from the centre out. So as the need for effectiveness grew all the fishermen needed to do is add more links to the net to affect a larger area......interesting.

I felt a huge Holy Spirit hit about this concept of a church planting pastor program and an impression that this will happen in some kind of way. God loves this idea!

Also an encouragement that our reconciliation, peace and healing with our indigenous brother and sisters will play a huge part in the national recognition of our area. (one of PACs four prayers)

Received: January 17, 2021


I envisioned northern communities with THEIR OWN Indigenous pilots to fly people out for medical appointments rather than depending on the government. That picture morphed into Indigenous nurses and doctors flocking INTO those communities. All because the church was being the church.

Received: January 17, 2021

carl seibel

Our God is pleased with us for seeking His will. He is revealing it and He will help us carry it out

Received: January 17, 2021


Yesterday, I was pulled to the book of Joshua and as I read it, was struck again with how limited my view of God is. He purposely took the nation of Israel into Canaan, with no army or chariots, and very little strength, to show them that He would fight for them! I feel that God has some big changes coming up and wants me (and our churches?) to take action on what He's doing. Whether those actions are small or big, He isn't calling me to sit in the comfort of my home during a pandemic, watching movies. He wants me to focus on showing His love in action to my community, starting with those I interact with. The thought of partnering with an Indigenous community and their local church continues to be on my heart.

Received: January 17, 2021

David McInnes

The residency program is essential and timely.

Atikokan in particular.

Other communities: Grand Rapids; The Pas; Norwary House, Sioux Lookout

Neepawa - Do not be afraid to ask those you feel led to serve how best to serve them.

Dauphin - go boldly, do not pre-screen.

Portage - serve and pay mind to your elders, of all decent. Perhaps a ride service to service and events when gathering is again permitted.

Redwood - release your inward focus, look upward and outward.

Timbers - embrace the hurt and broken in your midst.

2021 - Trust and obey

Received: January 17, 2021


I am feeling now isn’t the time to think of flying to other places. With Covid it would be irresponsible for us as a community to fly into remote communities. Given the history of colonization the idea of planes can be very triggering to those from the 60s scoop. Also churches coming into their communities trying to push Jesus. The idea of Fort Frances was really exciting to me. I could see a place for the unchurched to be churched as a good idea and fit well.

I was feeling that the churches need to come together for the youth this is a way to engage those young people to go into ministry by planting the seed. I was seeing a large camp in Fort Frances at Sunny Cove bringing together Redwood, PAC, Timber’s and reaching Fort Frances by engaging their youth. I know with Covid that seems like a far off 2022 kind of dream.

Received: January 16, 2021


A few thoughts that popped up:

Neepawa - for Rylan and Sonia: gather a great team around you! What a blessing to be on-mission together.

- maybe your 'apple tree' is a Filipino church?

Dauphin - go where the people are; where can you start to build face-to-face relationships (after covid ...)?

- free $$ location after Dandos'

Portage - regarding Dakota Nation; where can you add eternal value to something already in motion?

Redwood - growing all generations: don't forget the college/university students!

- clean drinking water; Canadians go on well-drilling missions to third world countries ... it must be possible here!

Timbers - what are our inroads into the first nations community?

Aviation - I felt God saying he would provide two planes; one will be donated. Something in the 20 passenger range ...

Closing - "gather" ... God is gathering us, his people to build something big, together!

- "relationship"; it's all personal ... we need deep relationship with each other to best move forward in this big thing together.

Received: January 16, 2021


"Keep on Praying"


"Ask More"

No ask is too small for God who is able to be creative beyond what we can ask or imagine!

Received: January 16, 2021

Gloria Willms

Last night when Ray & I did our 24/7 prayer time we looked up the Dryden church on google maps. It looks very small inside a little mall or store front. Our hearts just kind of went out to them. Maybe it brings back some memories of some of the little churches we tried to pastor! We didn’t know our identity or the power or influence we could have. As we prayed for them we were thinking “ Hey it would be neat if PAC could take a small team some week end & teach a Hearing God Session for them.”

This won’t be a new thought for you but just wanted to share that that was strong on both our hearts as we looked at their setting. We could be all wrong about how they think about themselves but that was our feelings as we prayed last night!

Received: January 16, 2021



Residency program idea: How can we strengthen our current programs we have? How would this residency program differ to what is already in place at Redwood (or PAC)? Do we need a staff position so someone can be the key leader in all of this? Reach out to connections and resources to help make this a better idea - YWAM SOFM schools, Emmanuel Bible college, other Bible Colleges, etc

Reaching out to new communities: making sure we use Grace and Respect when entering new lands

From God I got the phrase "We need to strengthen our home". Make a sure base so that we can equip others to go out into our surrounding neighbors. Teach them how to be stewards and servants to them.

OPPORTUNITY TWO (I just chose one prayer request each)

Neepawa: praying for the Filipinos and how tough isolation must be in this time of COVID. I know many like to visit home, and many come to Canada for new opportunities and a way to help support their families in the Philippines. Praying that they find connection in Manitoba, little reminders of home, and strengthening of their faith

Dauphin: The Dandos' seem like the matches to the fire that will rise in Dauphin. We pray for someone to help them continue to plant and grow (perhaps from the residency program?)

Redwood: Worship & Creative arts and that those with the first come forward. Using media during this lockdown covid age to reach out in new ways. Bring back a camera team, a drama team, directive team, graphic designers, stop-motion videos, anything that God is calling people with these gifts.

Timbers: How to re-center flaky churchgoers back to church. How can we be stewards of faith for others, not for ourselves.


During my first round (I did one Tuesday and one Saturday), I clearly heard from God: "AVIATION PROGRAM IS GO", similarly to the way they phrase it in aviation or space movies. Both times I felt that this program would be so beneficial even to send supplies back and forth. I kept picturing a red airplane zigzagging. Other thoughts on my mind: How would we share a plan? Where would it be stored? How will you God protect? And that we will need a HUGE and lasting partnership with an Indigenous individual or organization to help facilitate and make this work

Blessings on everyone else's prayer time!

Received: January 16, 2021


The fire of the Lord is on PAC. He wants us, as individuals, to reevaluate our hearts so that we can ensure that they are aligned with God's heart and plan.

He says, "Remember why you're serving and do it with a good heart. Remember why you're giving and go it with a generous heart. Remember why you're worshiping and do it with a thankful heart."

We need to get rid of the mindset that things are "impossible" because all things are possible through God. God is asking us to take risks because we know that he is the God of the possible.

We need to grasp that God is good ALL THE TIME, and in every season (yes, even COVID). God is asking us to dream big because we know that he is always good. Continue to dream big for his kingdom.

God is the God of increase, as we press into him he will increase miracles, signs, wonders, finances, joy and love, all to bring heaven to earth.

Everything was dealt with at the cross, so need to trust him with everything and through every situation.

We are significant! Every one of us is significant and what we do matters to God's kingdom, so we must serve him and his people well.

This is a season of redemption, reconciliation, dreaming big, serving well, taking risks, and trusting God. He is preparing us for an increase in his kingdom that will cause a contagious effect across the nation.

"Prepare your hearts, you don't want to miss this"

PAC Neepawa: Anointing of healing

PAC Dauphine: Strength to persevere

PAC Portage: A gift of unity

Redwood: Season of reconciliation

Timber: Season of redemption

Received: January 16, 2021

Leanne Taylor

Had a picture of very dry patches of land scattered around - no specific location with the exception of Dauphin. There was a large dry patch of land outside your doorstep. The land in all circumstances is very dry and cracked and very parched.

Then I had a picture of a combination of oil and water being gently poured over the dry land - allowing the land to drink it up.

Dauphin I had a real sense that you have a specific ministry of healing. There was more oil in the water mixture and you were you pouring it out over your parched land.

Also have a strong sense that worship is a vital key. When travel and gatherings are permitted it would be great to mix and blend our congregations for worship

Received: January 16, 2021

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